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Lotus Notes R5

Price: £19.95

Total Items: 12

Total Time: 43 hour(s)

This series provides a comprehensive overview of Lotus Notes R5. It introduces basic concepts such as navigation, views, databases, and security. Use of mail with Lotus Notes R5 is covered in detail, along with using the calendar and Address Books. This series also discusses using Lotus Notes to surf the Web, editing, formatting, and managing documents, and linking and attaching files to Notes documents. Advanced topics include finding and viewing data, replication, and using Notes remotely.


Finding and Viewing Data  4 hour(s)
Replication  3 hour(s)
Using Notes Remotely  4 hour(s)
Getting Around in Notes  4 hour(s)
Reading and Sending Mail  3 hour(s)
Managing Mail  4 hour(s)
Using the Calendar  3 hour(s)
Meetings & Address Books  3 hour(s)
Browsing the Web  4 hour(s)
Editing Documents  4 hour(s)
Using Document Tables  4 hour(s)
File Attachments & Links  3 hour(s)

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