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Total Time: 27 hour(s)

This series provides an overview of the MVS Job Control Language and how to use JCL to code jobstreams. It explains how to build jobstreams and code data sets and procedures, specifying job information, and controlling the job process. Detail information on data sets is provided. Additional topics covered include coding, modifying, and executing procedures.


Fundamentals of Jobstreams  4 hour(s)
Data Sets, Procedures, and Output  3 hour(s)
Specifying Job Information  3 hour(s)
Controlling the Job Process  3 hour(s)
Types of Data Sets  3 hour(s)
Working with Data Sets  3 hour(s)
Instream and Catalogued Procedures  2 hour(s)
Coding and Executing Procedures  3 hour(s)
Modifying Procedures  3 hour(s)

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