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Java 2 Programmer Certification 310-035

Price: £39.95

Total Items: 10

Total Time: 29 hour(s)

This series provides an overview of the Java programming language. It prepares the experienced Java programmer for the Java 2 Programmer Certification Exam 310-035. Topics include object orientation, the statements used to control program flow and exception handling, the classes and interfaces of the java.lang package and the java.util package, the development of Java-based GUI, and the methods and tools for performing sophisticated input and output operations.

The test that this series prepares students to take is a part of earning the Sun Certified Java Programmer (SCJP) certification.

Java and Object-Oriented Fundamentals  4 hour(s)
Declarations, Flow Control, and Exception Handling  4 hour(s)
Classes, Interfaces, Methods, and Garbage Collection  3 hour(s)
Threads  2 hour(s)
The java.lang Package  3 hour(s)
The java.util Package  3 hour(s)
GUI Components and Containers of the java.awt Package  2 hour(s)
Layouts and Event Handlers of the java.awt Package  2 hour(s)
Graphic and Image Elements of the java.awt Package  2 hour(s)
The Package  4 hour(s)

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