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Java 1.2

Price: £39.95

Total Items: 6

Total Time: 20 hour(s)

This series provides instruction in the basics of the Java 1.2 programming language. An explanation of how Java programs work and creating a basic program is provided. Programming topics covered include using variables and strings, conditional tests, and loops. Advanced topics covered include arrays, objects, methods, inheritance, use of graphics and animation, and building a user interface. An explanation of Java applets and how to create, manage, and use them is covered. The series concludes with the opportunity to apply the skills learned in a sample application.


Writing Java Programs  2 hour(s)
Java Programming Basics  4 hour(s)
Using Objects and Arrays  4 hour(s)
Creating Java Applets  4 hour(s)
Graphics and User Events  3 hour(s)
Putting Your Skills to Work  3 hour(s)

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