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Interview Skills

Price: £19.95

Total Items: 9

Total Time: 27 hour(s)

This series examines the interview process, from obtaining an invitation to an interview to follow-up after the interview. The employer's perspective is discussed, and interview preparation is covered in detail. Proper interview demeanor, including listening and answering, asking questions, effective communication, and negotiating is discussed. Strategies for getting past screening interviews, navigating tough interviews, resolving objections, and managing the follow-up process are also provided.


Getting the Interview  3 hour(s)
Preparing Yourself  3 hour(s)
Making an Entrance  3 hour(s)
Listening and Answering  4 hour(s)
Taking the Reins  3 hour(s)
Asking Questions  3 hour(s)
Opening Interviews  3 hour(s)
Tough Interviews  2 hour(s)
Following Through  3 hour(s)

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