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Total Time: 55 hour(s)

This series is designed for both FOCUS end users and application developers. It covers basic FOCUS concepts and terminology, its file structure, and the Master File Description. It details application developer facilities, and covers using FOCUS with TED, creating reports, graphs, and file definitions, and looks at data manipulation and screening techniques. Additional topics include accessing file definitions, using MODIFY requests, and the Dialogue Manager, FIDEL, and MAINTAIN facilities.


Getting Started  3 hour(s)
Working with FOCUS  2 hour(s)
Basic Report Preparation  3 hour(s)
Creating Simple Reports  4 hour(s)
Creating Complex Reports  3 hour(s)
Additional Reporting Techniques  3 hour(s)
Fundamentals of Graphs  2 hour(s)
Advanced Graph Topics  2 hour(s)
Data Manipulation for Reporting  3 hour(s)
Advanced Screening Techniques  3 hour(s)
Creating File Definitions  2 hour(s)
Adjusting File Definitions  3 hour(s)
Accessing External Files  2 hour(s)
Basic MODIFY Requests  3 hour(s)
Segment Modification  2 hour(s)
Complex MODIFY Requests  2 hour(s)
Additional File Maintenance  3 hour(s)
Dialogue Manager and FIDEL  3 hour(s)
More Features of FIDEL  3 hour(s)
MAINTAIN Facility  2 hour(s)
Completing a MAINTAIN Application  2 hour(s)

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