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CompTIA Server+ (SK0-002)

Price: £39.95

Total Items: 17

Total Time: 46 hour(s)

CompTIA's Server+ certification offers industry recognition of server administration, troubleshooting, and management. This series equips you with all you need to know in order to pass the 2005 edition of the Server+ test (SK0-002). Learners will be presented with an up-to-date look at current server networking strategies from both the installation and servicing perspectives.

CompTIA Server+ certification exam SK0-002

Server Basics  2 hour(s)
Server Availability  2 hour(s)
Multiprocessing and Server Memory  3 hour(s)
Server Bus Architecture  3 hour(s)
SCSI Systems  2 hour(s)
IDE/ATA and RAID Systems  2 hour(s)
Advanced Storage Arrays  2 hour(s)
Installing Hardware  3 hour(s)
Server Management and Configuration  3 hour(s)
Preparing the Server for Service  4 hour(s)
Upgrading the Basic System  3 hour(s)
Adapters, Peripherals, Monitoring Agents and Service Tools  3 hour(s)
Maintenance and Environmental Issues  3 hour(s)
Server Problem Determination  3 hour(s)
Troubleshooting  2 hour(s)
Disaster Recovery  3 hour(s)
Practice Exam  3 hour(s)

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