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Sales and Marketing (Videos)

Price: £39.95

Total Items: 19

Total Time: 231 minutes

Due to increased competition and cutthroat pricing, a higher level of sales and marketing skills is essential in today's marketplace. You need to get out there fast to effectively disseminate your company's name and brand. You need to find new prospects and cultivate repeat customers. Our programs will help you effectively build your brand, garner new business and close the sale.


E-Mail Marketing (Interview)  5 minutes
Guerrilla Marketing  21 minutes
Guerrilla Trade Show Selling  19 minutes
Marketing Your Web Site (Interview)  6 minutes
New Rules of Online Advertising (Interview)  5 minutes
Sales Skills for Call Centers  18 minutes
Target Your Market (Interview)  11 minutes
The Influence Edge and Sales  17 minutes
Track Selling Step 1: Approach  19 minutes
Track Selling Step 2: Qualification  20 minutes
Track Selling Step 3: Agreement On Need  12 minutes
Track Selling Step 4: Sell the Company  14 minutes
Track Selling Step 5: Fill the Need  19 minutes
Track Selling Step 6: Act of Commitment  21 minutes
Track Selling Step 7: Cement the Sale  14 minutes
Working Wounded: Closing A Sale  3 minutes
Working Wounded: Getting Out of a Sales Slump  3 minutes
Working Wounded: Keys to a Successful Marketing Campaign  2 minutes
Working Wounded: Making A Gatekeeper an Ally  2 minutes

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