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Customer Service (Videos)

Price: £39.95

Total Items: 20

Total Time: 212 minutes

Knowing what your customers really need is the key to providing high quality customer service. Being accessible, listening to concerns and resolving problems are fundamental when building customer loyalty. Our programs will help you develop the skills to achieve total customer satisfaction.


Building Customer Loyalty  13 minutes
Delighting Your Customers  3 minutes
Building Web Relationships (Interview)  5 minutes
Creating Customer Value  14 minutes
Crown Your Customers (Interview)  4 minutes
Customer Convenience is Key to E-Commerce (Interview)  6 minutes
Customer Service Strategy  12 minutes
Dealing with Customer Complaints  15 minutes
Exceeding Customer Expectations  13 minutes
Getting to Know Your Customers  17 minutes
Getting Your Customer Experience Right (Interview)  3 minutes
Implementing Effective Service Standards  14 minutes
Keeping Loyal Customers  17 minutes
Knowing Your Web Customers  18 minutes
Managing Customer E-Mail  18 minutes
Measuring Customer Service  17 minutes
Profits, Not Promises (Interview)  3 minutes
Understanding Customer Service  14 minutes
Working Wounded: Building Relationships with Your Customers  3 minutes
Working Wounded: Good News About Customer Complaints  3 minutes

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