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WinNT Networking

Price: £39.95

Total Items: 6

Total Time: 31 hour(s)

This series presents networking theory and concepts. It may be used to help prepare for the MCSE Networking Essentials exam 70-58. This series defines common networking terms, models, classifications, file services, and applications. Networking standards such as the OSI reference model, SLIP, PPP, IEEE 802, NDIS, and ODI are discussed in detail. Network topologies are covered, including the various media and selection of appropriate media for different situations. Additional topics covered include connectivity for Token Ring and Ethernet networks, WAN connection services, and network devices, packet routing, and switches. Advanced topics include the process of implementing resource sharing, disaster recovery, and fault tolerance. Troubleshooting strategies are also provided, including available tools and resources.

MCSE Exam 70-058

Terminology  3 hour(s)
Standards  5 hour(s)
Planning a Topology  6 hour(s)
Planning Connections  5 hour(s)
Implementation  7 hour(s)
Troubleshooting  5 hour(s)

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