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Total Items: 7

Total Time: 21 hour(s)

This series provides a comprehensive look at Microsoft Works. It discusses basic tasks for getting started with Works, including operating the Works Task Launcher, using Task Wizards and help, managing documents, printing files, and working with multiple windows and applications. It explains how to use the Works word processor to create and edit documents, and how to format Works documents. It also covers how to use the Works spreadsheet, including entering, selecting, and manipulating data, using formulas and functions, formatting the spreadsheet, and creating charts. Additional topics include using the Works database for basic organization and presentation tasks, using the Calendar, and Works functions that can be used across multiple applications in Works.


Getting Started  2 hour(s)
Introducing the Word Processor  3 hour(s)
Formatting Word Processor Pages  3 hour(s)
Using the Spreadsheet  3 hour(s)
Managing Spreadsheet Data  3 hour(s)
Using the Database  3 hour(s)
Calendar and Cross-Works Tools  4 hour(s)

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