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Windows Server 2003 for Dummies

Price: £39.95

Total Items: 5

Total Time: 18 hour(s)

This series shows users how to install and configure Windows Server 2003 software, as well as how to install and configure Active Directory. The series covers how to install and manage print services, how to handle TCP/IP addresses, and how to set up and manage directory services, domains, and trust relationships in a Windows 2003-based environment. It discusses how to manage users and groups, including details on profiles, policies, and groups, and covers how Windows 2003 controls access to NTFS files and directories, and how to manage shares. The series concludes by covering strategies for backing up and restoring a Windows Server 2003 machine and discussing security strategies for Windows Server 2003.


Installation and Setup  4 hour(s)
Working with Active Directory  5 hour(s)
Printing and IP Addressing  3 hour(s)
Managing Users and Permissions  3 hour(s)
Managing Backup and Security  3 hour(s)

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