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Windows 2000 Server MCSE 70-215

Price: £39.95

Total Items: 12

Total Time: 46 hour(s)

Windows 2000 Server is the server version of the Windows 2000 family of products. There are many differences between this version of Windows and older versions, including the addition of Active Directory, which drastically changes how the operating system stores and retrieves data. The goal of this series is to prepare student for the MCSE 70-215 exam. Courses in this series show users how to perform installations and upgrades, add and configure hardware, configure network services, recover from disaster, configure disks, and work with security features.

Windows 2000 Server MCSE 70-215

Installation  4 hour(s)
Hardware  4 hour(s)
Controlling Access to Files and Folders  5 hour(s)
Controlling Access to Web Resources and Printers  4 hour(s)
Optimizing Your Server  4 hour(s)
Recovering from Disaster  4 hour(s)
Configuring Disks and Volumes  3 hour(s)
Administering Disks  3 hour(s)
Networking Your Server  4 hour(s)
Implementing Remote Access  4 hour(s)
Implementing Terminal Services  3 hour(s)
Using Security Features  4 hour(s)

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