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Cisco Related Series by MindLeaders CCNA

Price: £39.95

Total Items: 18

Total Time: 58 hour(s)

This series is designed to help users prepare for the Cisco Certified Network Associate examination. It covers the OSI Reference Model and uses it to explain networks and network functions. It also explains networks and data transfers, LANs and WANs, and bridges, switches, and routers. An introduction to IOS and IOS configuration is provided, and various networking topics are examined, including TCP/IP, IP addressing and routing, IPX networking, and security. This series includes two exam preparation courses, as well as a course that introduces alternative base numbering systems used in Cisco management. While the information covered in this series is accurate and provides useful background information for the CCNA exam, it covers a version of the exam no longer offered by Cisco Systems. The newest CCNA exam is covered in Cisco Related Series by MindLeaders CCNA 640-801.


TCP/IP Networking  2 hour(s)
IP Addressing  2 hour(s)
IP Routing  2 hour(s)
IPX Networking  3 hour(s)
Network Security and Control  3 hour(s)
Additional Configurations  5 hour(s)
Exam Preparation 1  4 hour(s)
Exam Preparation 2  5 hour(s)
Numbering Systems  1 hour(s)
OSI Reference Model  3 hour(s)
Networks and Data Transfer  3 hour(s)
Local Area Networking  4 hour(s)
Wide Area Networking  4 hour(s)
Using A Router  3 hour(s)
Introduction to IOS  4 hour(s)
IOS Configuration  3 hour(s)
Network Management  3 hour(s)
Bridges and Switches  4 hour(s)

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