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Visual Studio .NET Advanced Topics

Price: £39.95

Total Items: 7

Total Time: 28 hour(s)

This series shows developers how to create more powerful applications using Microsoft Visual Studio.NET. The series focuses heavily on creating and deploying Web-based applications. Users explore ASP.NET Web server controls in greater detail, and also learn how to implement data binding to pull data into a Web page from external data sources. Users will also learn how Visual Studio.NET facilitates XML development, and how to use Visual Studio to build and configure an XML-based Web application or a Web service client. Additionally, users will learn about what happens after the code is written - debugging, deployment, and security for Web based applications, as well as the process for upgrading existing ASP-based Web sites to ASP.NE.


Using Rich Web Controls and Debugging Applications  4 hour(s)
Data Binding and Working with Control Templates  3 hour(s)
Creating Mobile Applications and Using ADO.NET  4 hour(s)
Working with XML, Configuration, and HTTP Handlers  5 hour(s)
Caching, Security, and Migration  3 hour(s)
Working with Web Services  5 hour(s)
Deploying Applications  4 hour(s)

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