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Visual Basic 6.0

Price: £39.95

Total Items: 8

Total Time: 33 hour(s)

This series provides an in-depth look at Visual Basic 6.0. Introductory topics covered include the Visual Basic programming process, development environment, and program structure, and creating controls and setting properties. Creating controls and coding are covered in detail, including a discussion of datatypes, literals, variables, and storing and calculating data. Coding tools and other supplied tools such as subroutines, arguments, and various functions are explored, and manipulation of data files and printing from an application is discussed. Advanced topics covered in this series including tuning your program with additional Visual Basic tools, and preparing a Visual Basic program for distribution.


Programming Basics  4 hour(s)
Controls and Coding  3 hour(s)
Coding the Details  5 hour(s)
Lists and More Controls  6 hour(s)
Using Supplied Tools  4 hour(s)
Data Files and Printing  3 hour(s)
Program Tuning  5 hour(s)
Delivering the Program  3 hour(s)

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