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This series is designed to introduce database administrators to using and managing Sybase System 11. It covers an overview of Sybase SQL Server, the client/server system model, and the tools and components of Sybase System 11. It discusses using SQL Server to create, manage, and access database information, and the tasks and commands of a system administrator. Additional topics covered in this series include management of user accounts and groups, granting and revoking permissions, basic T-SQL programming commands and functions, and using T-SQL commands to create database queries, manipulate data, join queries, create subqueries, and insert and modify data.


Introduction to Sybase  3 hour(s)
Using SQL Server  5 hour(s)
System Administration  4 hour(s)
User Administration  2 hour(s)
Programming with T-SQL  3 hour(s)
Querying Databases with T-SQL  3 hour(s)
T-SQL Commands  3 hour(s)

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