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Sexual Harassment

Price: £19.95

Total Items: 7

Total Time: 19 hour(s)

This series of courses is designed to raise awareness of sexual harassment as a workplace problem, identify strategies for harassed workers to follow in seeking redress, and outline legal avenues through which harassment complaints can be pursued. This series is for people who want to learn what behavior constitutes harassment so that they can avoid committing it themselves, as well as managers who are interested in preventing sexual harassment within their organizations.


Understanding the Issues  3 hour(s)
Understanding the Law  3 hour(s)
Assessing Problem Situations  2 hour(s)
Responding Effectively  3 hour(s)
Designing Policies and Procedures  3 hour(s)
Federal and State Law  2 hour(s)
Common Law Tort Actions  3 hour(s)

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