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Server+ for Dummies

Price: £39.95

Total Items: 9

Total Time: 25 hour(s)

This series teaches the information that is required to meet the objectives in the Server+ exam: you will learn about the concepts and technologies of networking. The series also takes you through the processes and procedures used to plan, install, configure, upgrade, and troubleshoot a network, including the installation and configuration of the network operating system. You'll also learn the processes used to ensure the integrity of a network's data, and the technologies and procedures used to secure a network and its servers. The final part of the series provides practice test questions, with sample questions from each domain of test objectives.


Network Terminology and Operating Systems  3 hour(s)
Servers, Bus Structures, and Caching  3 hour(s)
Memory  2 hour(s)
Data Storage Systems  3 hour(s)
Interfacing with the Network  3 hour(s)
Installing Network Hardware  3 hour(s)
Upgrading BIOS and Installing the Operating System  3 hour(s)
Preventing Disaster  3 hour(s)
Practice Exam  2 hour(s)

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