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Photoshop 7

Price: £39.95

Total Items: 13

Total Time: 44 hour(s)

This series is designed for beginning and intermediate Photoshop users. This series teaches users about image editing, what's new in version 7, the Photoshop interface, pixels, saving and printing, using the tools, making and modifying selections, layers, creating text effects, filters, color correction, and web graphics.


The Application and Its Elements  3 hour(s)
Opening and Navigating Images  3 hour(s)
Pixels, Image Sizes, and Color  4 hour(s)
Saving and Printing  4 hour(s)
The Paint Tools  4 hour(s)
Modifying Images  2 hour(s)
Cleaning Images and Undoing  4 hour(s)
Making Selections  4 hour(s)
Modifying Selections and Color Filling  4 hour(s)
Layers  3 hour(s)
Adding Type  3 hour(s)
Filters and Color Correction  3 hour(s)
Creating Graphics for the Web  3 hour(s)

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