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Ian Driscoll

"I would like to give you a huge commendation for giving a motor mechanic from Skipton with no IT knowledge the opportunity to gain proficiency in using my computer, and to become an online marketeer."

Tom Miller

"To put things bluntly, I'm stunned. I'm stunned because I have never heard of your company and I've never seen a product like this and I've been in the computer business one way or another for over 25 years."

Raymond Allcock

"Hi! I am so excited I can hardly control myself!"

Ray Mc Donnell

"I'm using the online courses to study for my MCSE and I really do find them very good. The material is well laid out, concise and accurate with content being easy to navigate. I have no hesitation in recommending the courses to any of my friends or colleagues. Truly excellent!"

Alan Reid

"I would just like to congratulate you on your EXCELLENT customer service for a start. And once again thank you for the tuition your company will be giving me. You have made it possible to give me the start I need, to get the qualifications I need."

Caroline King-Cherne

"Thanks - can I take this opportunity to say how impressed I am by your site and materials."

Pete Burnett

"Wow... I love everything about it! It is the best on-line training by far!"

Natalie Simmonds

"I tried Element K's courses and they don't cover half of what Elearning Centre's does!"

Brett Thompson

"I believe this course was one of the best on-line courses I have ever seen. Seamless interactive lessons and great chunking of info. I especially liked the fact that if I closed out of the session, the system remembered exactly where I left off - very handy feature! Cant wait to take more training!"

Steve Nichols

"These are well written, comprehensive courses with real world application in mind. I received a perfect score on Network Essentials MCSE exam after taking your course."

Mary Peterson

"It explained to me in plain English how to correct everything that I was doing wrong. My life has changed!

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