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Technical Support - FAQ's

How do I take a course?
With Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.0 or higher, log in at Please bookmark this location in your browser. Netscape Navigator is not supported.

What kind of computer setup must I have to take the HTML-based courses?
The following are the minimum user system requirments necessary to enjoy maximum access to the HTML-based courses:

200MHz Pentium with 32MB Ram.
640 x 480 256-color video (800x600 is recommended).
Windows 95, 98, NT, 2000, or XP
Internet Explorer 5.0 or higher required.
An Authorware plug-in is used for course simulations but is not required to run the courses. It can be installed the first time you take a course by following the instructions shown on the Web page.
The Macromedia Flash Player is used for course introductions and activities, but is not required to run the courses. It can be installed the first time you take a course by following the instructions shown at login.
Netscape and AOL browsers are not supported.

Can I take these courses on my Macintosh computer?
We do not formally support our courseware on the Macintosh platform. If you choose to try to use the courses on a Macintosh, you need to be aware that they will not have full functionality, specifically within the Authorware simulations and the supplied files. However, if you are a Macintosh user and make use of a Windows emulator, Authorware simulations and supplied files may function. Since we do not test with Macintosh or Windows emulators, we cannot guarantee our courses on the Macintosh platform.

What modem speed is recommended for these courses?
The courses play well through 56 KB modems. Of course, play is faster as connection speeds increase. The traditional HTML-based courses are designed for highly efficient, real-time presentation with an average page size under 20 K.

Can I bookmark the last page accessed so I can return directly to it the next time?
You can bookmark within the traditional HTML-based courses by clicking the exit button when finished with your course session (there is no need to create a browser favorite).

How do I see my scores?
You can view your current scores for a traditional HTML-based course by clicking the "View My Scores" link on the Course Tools tab. Your scores are also displayed at the end of the Skill Assessment. The Scores table shows your scores for the current course and its Skill Assessment.

What can I do to improve my scores?
Once you have completed a unit, go back and re-answer every question in that unit. If you answer more questions correctly, an improved score for that unit will be recorded.

What do I need to do to get full course completion credit?
To get full credit for a traditional HTML-based course, you must answer every "Think About It" question. You get credit for completing a unit when you answer every question in that unit. The course is completed when you have answered all questions in each unit.

What happens if I forget my password?
To obtain password assistance, click Forgot My Password in the Course Login window. Once submitted, you will receive an e-mail with your correct password. If you have not submitted your email address, please visit our support site at and log a new ticket. .

After clicking the Do It button while taking a Course from the Internet, I am taken to a white page with an Authorware Web Player link. Why?
Authorware Web Player (formerly Shockwave Authorware) is a plug-in that expands the functionality of the browser. Some courses make limited use of Authorware Web Player in order to more closely simulate the actual application. These product simulations are optional, so you don't have to download this plug-in. If you decide to run the simulations, download Authorware Web Player by clicking the Authorware Web Player link on the white page. Follow the instructions for downloading and installing the version of Authorware Web Player appropriate for your browser version.

When attempting to run a simulation, I get the following Authorware error stating: "Function ReadExtFile on local files not allowed in non-trusting mode." What should I do?
Go to and follow the steps for Setting Authorware Web Player Security.

The orientation or lesson introductions aren't loading. Why?
The Macromedia Flash Player is used in traditional HTML-based courses for course introductions and activities, but is not required to run these courses. It can be installed the first time you take a course by following the instructions shown at login.

After clicking the Done button to answer a question while taking a Course from a web server or the Internet, I was taken back to the Login page? Why?
At the beginning of each training session using traditional HTML-based courses, you must start by going to and login by entering your userid and password. The questions will not work if this Login page is bypassed.

After entering my User ID and Password at the Course Login page, I click the Submit button, but nothing happens. What should I do?
This appears to be a browser configuration issue. It is necessary for JavaScript or ActiveX Scripts to be enabled. Also, the courses open in a second browser window. Check your taskbar for another instance of your browser.

I'm trying to review the course, but part of the screen is missing or I have to scroll on most pages. How can I prevent this?
Change your screen resolution in the control panel to 800 x 600, if possible. You can also turn off the browser toolbars to provide more viewing space. If you use a 640 x 480 screen resolution, you will need to scroll on some pages.

I'd like to report an error in one of the courses. Who should I contact?
Please contact our Technical Support staff, by visiting our support site at and log a new ticket.

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