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IT Training Services
The eLearning Centre is a provider of Computer Based Training (CBT) (distance learning courses), for Individuals, IT Professionals and businesses. If you are considering doing a course or training for a career in Information Computing Technology then we are the people to be in contact with, no matter what your qualifications or background. Our courses cover everything from the basics to highly advanced subjects covering Desk Top skills, Networking, Programming, Databases, Web Design and Operating Systems.

Training Program
Training is modular based with self-assessment testing to ensure the trainee moves on to the next module after successfully completing the previous one - aiding understanding, boosting information retention and enhancing the learning experience. E Learning does not vary in quality from day to day, class to class, or environment to environment, because the information conveyed and presentation remains consistent. Every course meets the learning objectives required to pass the certification exams and to effectively employ technology on the job.

Accredited Courseware
Please be aware that all of our courses are designed with testing in mind (so our course material follows the respective accredited syllabus). Therefore, on completion of training, learners are then able to undertake testing at their local test centers.

The Course designers strive for the closest working relationship possible with Microsoft, Cisco, CIW, Netscape, CompTIA, Novell, IBM and Oracle to produce not only the most up-to-date library of courses, but also the most relevant content. By having courseware that follows the "official curriculum" students are assured of getting the most relevant content directly from source. The courseware is mapped directly to the development partner’s certification programs, resulting in a comprehensive e-Learning experience for the student. With students from the likes of ICI, AT&T, Logica, Lufthansa and the NHS, some of the biggest companies in this country, the courses have already proved there worth.

Although we provide tailor-made courses there are standard courses available that meet the needs of the IT industry. These courses provide the student with real life knowledge and certification that is recognized worldwide. Some of the courses that we currently provide offer no recognized certification but will provide the student with enough knowledge and skills to compliment the certification courses, and prepare the student for the exams required.

"Two recent surveys highlight the differing challenges faced by large and small companies. While major employers are freezing recruitment or laying off staff, small businesses are still struggling to find staff with the mix of skills they need. A survey from e-Skills UK showed that 17% of small firms are short of systems support and admin. staff, while research from IDC and CompTIA says the UK has a shortfall of 200,000 IT professionals - including a 25% shortage of network skills, and a 10% shortage in SAP and related skills."

Do you want to become more employable or simply learn new skills? Whatever your reason for wanting to learn, we can provide an engaging, thought-provoking learning experience.

What is e-Learning?
e-Learning, also referred to as Web-based training, is anywhere, anytime, self-paced instruction that is presented over the Internet to browser-equipped learners. Our e-Learning courses span the spectrum from desktop applications to technical certification to meet the needs of today’s life-long learners."

The interactive content of our courses is what makes them empowering, engaging and effective.

Often referred to as on-line training or web based training, e-Learning is the use of network technology to design, deliver, select, administer, and extend lifelong learning.

e-Learning focuses on the Individual not the trainer.

As opposed to classroom training, e-Learning focuses in the individual (learner centric), enabling learners to manage their own learning by choosing what they want to study, and when. e-Learning brings educational resources into the home, office or internet café -anytime.

e-learning is not just about quality content.

Any training company can claim to provide e-Learning but true e-Learning:

• Takes advantage the capabilities of the net to provide real-time, 24/7, anywhere, anytime learning;

• Brings people together to share ideas;

• Enable personalized learning on the fly through use of 'learning objects';

• Incorporates administrative functions such as registration, payment, monitoring learner progress, testing, and maintaining records

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