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How it Works

Courses are interactive Students learn by doing, not by just staring at a computer screen. Simulations and questions about key concepts and facts keep the student engaged in the course. A hyper linked index lets students zero in on a specific topic or subject and get the information they need, when they need it - just-in-time learning. Our courses can help you master a new topic or help you find the answer to a question.

System requirements

1. A computer connected to the Internet
2. Windows 98/XP/NT/7/8/8.1
3. MS Internet Explorer (with javascript enabled), Chrome or Firefox.
4. Macromedia FlashPlayer (minimum version 7 required for newest courses) and authorware (for some of the older courses).

The system remembers where you are
Students can also stop anywhere, any time, and the next time they sign on our system will take them right to the place they left off - no need to remember where they were, no need to page through the course to get back on track.

Learn by viewing simulations
Yet another way to gain the hands-on experience you're looking for is through the use of our unique task-based Simulations. It may seem like you're in the application, but you'll be safe within the bounds of the course. The free and widely used Shockwave plug-in will enable you to run these optional simulations.

Learn by answering questions
True/false, matching, and fill-in-the-blank questions are liberally included throughout the courses engaging you in the learning process.

Learn by doing exercises
Our courses are loaded with interactive exercises, so students can learn by doing. Each course offers frequent opportunities for practice in the form of simulations and exercises - providing students with a sound understanding of underlying concepts

"Click to continue prompts"
will tell you to click on various menu options, in order to help reinforce your learning. This design insures you'll be an active and engaged participant throughout each course.

Learn by using sample files
Programming courses contain sample files with code that you can actually cut and paste, into a compiler. You'll be able to practice with these files and save time, by using them in a program of your own.

Skill Assessment Testing
Students also have the option of taking a preliminary test, to assess their knowledge of a particular subject, and a custom learning path is created. If students obtain a mastery score during the assessment, they can "test out" of a course, reducing the amount of time spent training. Each course also provides scored questions embedded within the course, providing students with feedback of their course mastery. After a course is finished, students can take a "post-test" to assess how well they've mastered the material.

Fast Presentation - each course page loads in seconds!
We designed our courses in native HTML specifically for fast presentation through internal business networks and the Internet. Because the courses are designed for the Web, students do not waste time waiting for pages to download to a hard drive at any point during the course (a page is typically less than 16 Kb). Students can also move forward or backward in a course one page at a time.

Indexed content
Advanced index-search technology is designed to allow just-in-time access to course content. Students can quickly find information they need using the course topics list and/or the index. This eliminates the need to take courses from beginning to end in order to find key information nuggets.

With our newer courses comes the adoption of Flash, a versatile multimedia player that allows us to include complex animations within our courses. Flash is incorporated into all new series of courses, enhancing our simulations and other interactive elements. Since Flash is an embedded component of current browsers, it minimizes the need for learners to download a plug-in.

In our newer courses, audio exists in the introduction to each lesson in a course. Lesson introductions are viewable in either a Flash animated version or a text version. This allows us to offer both audio and animation to enhance the student experience, yet at the same time minimize bandwidth requirements.

New Structure
To help learners access just the information they want and need right away, course content is now organized into smaller, more explicitly structured learning objects. Both course introductions and lesson summaries are now available, enabling learners to distinguish right away what a course encompasses and whether it is appropriate for them.

Course in Review
What else is in our courses? Our newer courses include a "Course in Review" lesson that summarizes all the topics within the course, and includes supplemental information on the topics. With certification topic courses, the course in review lesson also includes certification exam strategies and a comprehensive listing of exam objectives. Questions in this lesson are comprehensive and unique from earlier lessons, making them an ideal exam primer. The associated activities and exercises in this lesson provide an additional interactive opportunity for the student to evaluate his or her knowledge level.

The recently accessed courses screen now shows only the last ten courses a learner has accessed in the last 90 days, eliminating clutter at the top of the screen and allowing learners to find their current courses faster.

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