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Benefits of e-Learning

No Software Needed - Our online courses include simulations, questions, exercises and sample files. There are no CD's to install, or software to download. You don't need to own any of the software packages that you want to learn. Our system simulates each software package, and provides you with questions to engage you in the learning process.

Interactive online computer training - Our courses are great for individuals and companies!

Learn anywhere - Courses provide consistent content regardless of location with no travel-related training costs. Just connect to the Internet (from any PC) and login, using the name and password you will receive, after you sign up.

You control the pace - Spend 20 minutes a day, or several hours. How much you learn is relative to how much time you want to spend. You can learn quickly or take your time.

Focus on What You Need - Skip what you know or don't need. Repeat difficult course sections. It's your choice!

Learn anytime - You decide when you want to take the courses. After you sign up, you have access to a whole set of courses anytime 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, (for one full year). Our Web Based Training is ready when you are.

Skill Assessment - Save time by taking a pre-test before you take the course. The results of the test will let you know what parts of the course you need to take. A post-test is also available. You'll know how well you've mastered the material once you've completed this test.

Exercises - Gain valuable hands-on experience. You'll work in the actual software application with these exercises.

Reference - Use Web-based training as a valuable reference source. The index and table of contents features allow you to look up what you need.

Book marking - The intelligent client technology recognizes where you are throughout a course. When you exit a course, your spot is book marked. The next time you access the course, you will return to the same location within the course. You don't need to remember either where you stopped or how to return to where you stopped.

Certificates - Test questions are given throughout each course. Answer the questions with at least 70% accuracy, and then you will have the option to print your own "certificate of completion".

Train Employees - What happens when employees have the skills they need to succeed? Everything! Greater motivation, higher productivity, better results. It's that simple

Value - We provide course groups containing the most in-demand courses, for one small annual fee. When you sign up for our training courses, you are purchasing a 1 year subscription to access the courses online. This is truly an exceptional value. Where else can you get access to such a large library of interactive and comprehensive courses, for a full year, for just a few pence a day? To start your e-learning experience, try one of our free courses! Study anywhere you have access to a computer, online. Your training schedule is completely up to you. That’s the advantage of “online computer training”.

Getting Certified
It is not possible to get certified by taking online courses, because official certification tests must be taken in person, at a local testing center. Online courses are designed to prepare you to take official certification exams. Now you can gain the skills needed to become certified. To find your nearest test centre, click here.

100% 7 Day Risk Free Trial
If you are not completely satisfied, simply cancel within 7 days, and receive a 100% refund.

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